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Fears and Phobias

Hypnosis is very well suited to helping people overcome many fears and phobias. You may have felt too embarrassed to talk to someone about your fear but there really is no need to feel this way. Most people with a fear or phobia are aware that there is no real reason to experience that fear or anxiety attacks but they still happen. Have you ever experienced times when consciously you want to let go of the fear and rationally, you know that you should be able to let go, but however hard you try to let go, the fear continues to well up from within. They well up from the subconscious and this is where hypnosis can help you.

Here are just some common and not so common fears and phobias that have been successfully treated -

  • Fear of heights, flying, lifts
  • Fear of driving (especially over bridges or through tunnels)
  • Spiders, dogs, cats, birds, insects
  • Public speaking
  • Blushing
  • Using public toilets
  • Eating meat
  • Eating vegetables
  • Drinking milk
Hypnotherapy can help you to conquer fear and phobia

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To the person experiencing these fears, they are very real and the experience of them is often extremely overwhelming, even in the cases above where there seems to be no obvious reason to be afraid to the outside observer. Any of these fears may be experienced by very rational, intelligent and successful people. So if you suffer a fear or phobia like these, you may be totally confused at why you can be so successful in other areas of your life but so far have not managed to overcome this annoying problem.

Let me help you to overcome any phobia and stop it dominating your life.

I'm back from holiday & survived the flight!! I was a bit anxious about getting on but once up & away I was fine. Outbound I can say I actually enjoyed it! Bit of turbulence on way back but I handled it well so all is good. So with thanks to you I had a great holiday - really chilled & relaxed. Really appreciate your help & I will definitely recommend you.

 - email received from BJ   

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