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Freedom from insomnia...

Insomnia may occur for different reasons. However, worry and stress are often present. In some cases the original cause is long gone yet still the insomnia remains. In other words, what started as a reaction to a difficult situation becomes a chronically entrenched habit. Often, our concern about lack of sleep becomes the primary problem. Once this occurs we tend to try even harder to consciously put ourselves to sleep. Unfortunately, the harder we try to sleep, the longer we stay awake.

It’s that conscious effort that causes all the problems at this stage. After all, sleep is a natural part of our lives that our brains instinctively know how to bring about on a subconscious level. It’s like the many other processes that our bodies carry out without any conscious effort on our part.

Sleep is also a natural process, which our brains can place us in without any effort on our part. However, once circumstances are right, when we are safely in bed, if we can simply relax and let go our brains will naturally put us to sleep.

Hypnosis is a great aid in retraining us to achieve relaxation. Once we become concerned about getting to sleep, we consciously try to make it happen. Unfortunately, consciously trying to make ourselves go to sleep runs counter to what we need to do, which is nothing but relax and let go. It’s a bit like walking down the street, consciously concentrating on making our feet walk. It is unnecessary and would quite likely make us trip over. Our unconscious mind long ago took over the process soon after we first learnt to walk.


Overcome insomnia using hypnotherapy. Get to sleep and stay asleep.

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