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Freedom from painful childbirth...

More and more women are turning to hypnotherapy to manage their labour pains during childbirth because it is proving so effective. I encountered this phenomenon in the 70’s when I was pregnant with my third child and very anxious due to complicated labour and births in the past - one leading to the death of my daughter soon after birth.

After using this self-hypnosis method I could not believe the difference between the births. In this one I was in control… not the pain.

Hypnosis is a great complement to natural childbirth. I found it reduced the need for drugs or an epidural which are used to relieve pain during labour. The birth of your child is one of life’s most special moments, and it should be met with calm, confident feelings of joy, so it will always be remembered and enjoyed as a wonderful and positive experience.

Hypnotherapy can help you to ease the pain of childbirth

Self Hypnosis can help you reduce your fear of childbirth and labour pain, and teach you the techniques that will help keep you calm and minimize pain during the early stages of labour all the way through to the birth of your child.

Many women are anxious about the birth and the associated pain felt during labour. Planning for childbirth with hypnotherapy will help you get rid of your negative feelings about labour, and enable you to relax, effectively getting rid of the fear and anxiety that are the root cause of the pain. Much of the pain that is felt during childbirth stems from fear and tension, which causes our bodies (in this case, the muscles of the uterus) to contract. This leads to a vicious cycle: the more pain we feel, the more tense and anxious we become.

Through your hypnosis sessions I will teach you to relax, allowing your body to release tension, thereby making the birthing process much easier and significantly reducing the pain. You will be taught how to work in harmony with your body and baby, which will allow you to have a shorter, more comfortable labour. In fact, it is not uncommon for hypnosis births to take less time than regular births.

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