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Freedom from panic attacks...

Having one panic attack is bad enough...
but for most people, it's the fear of the next one that is the scariest thing.

The problem with panic attacks is that once you have had one, you:

  • worry that you are going to have another one
  • can sometimes get a 'conditioning effect' that triggers panic again when you return to a similar situation to where the first one happened
  • tense up even if you only feel slightly anxious

These 3 factors make it more likely that another panic attack will occur.

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome panic attacks

Hypnotherapy can get rid of the biggest, most important factor in panic attacks.

The 'conditioning effect' of panic is the most difficult to deal with because it happens unconsciously, and you have little conscious control over it.

Hypnotherapy re-educates your unconscious mind that the situation where you experienced panic is not a truly dangerous one. As people often experience a panic attack in an everyday situation like in a supermarket or on public transport, it's important to re-learn at a deep level that it's safe enough to get on with your life without having to be on constant high alert.

With my help you can control your anxiety levels much more easily and stop worrying about having another panic attack. I can help you to lose the negative emotional connection with the place you had the panic attack and be more relaxed and less anxious.

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