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Freedom from weight issues...

Hypnotherapy for weight loss? How do I know this works?

Over the years I tried every diet - cabbage soup, Atkins, calorie counting.. and the rest!  I joined every weight loss class, travelling all over Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire in my search to succeed. I always managed to lose a little weight but always put it back on - and more!

Then I lost 3 stone using Hypnosis and kept it off!

Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight

Most weight loss programmes do work; at least for a while. The real trick is sustaining the programme long enough to reach your target weight and then maintaining your changed behaviour once you have achieved your goals.

Most dieters have problems with certain foods like chocolate, savoury items or perhaps desserts. I always found it hard to resist savoury items, pork pies, sausage rolls, pies, etc. - in fact my life revolved around when I could eat (generally in secret) and how many items I had hidden away. To the outside world I gave the appearance of being a healthy eater. Little did they know about my secret binging and stash of goodies. With the help of hypnotherapy I broke free from the craving of these foods - and so can you.

Dieting can become a way of life - constantly on one diet or another trying desperately to lose or maintain weight. Often clients describe years of yoyo dieting and with each failure weight increases are common. With each subsequent failure the person’s belief system feels an increased sense of failure so the next time they attempt a diet, they have actually set themselves up for another failure. Hypnotherapy seeks to replace the sense of failure with a feeling of belief that success is possible.

Hypnotherapy can help you get rid of cravings, change your beliefs about food and weight and it can help you stick to a weight management programme. But first we have to understand why food and overeating became a problem in the first instance. Think of hypnotherapy and your therapist as allies in your battle to win a healthy lifestyle.

The main difference between someone who is successful with weight loss and someone who isn’t is purely one of belief.  If your belief is powerful enough it can help you to reach any goal that you set for yourself.

1 1/2 stone in just 5 weeks feeling good good good. You've made me feel amazing thx xxxxx

- Mrs JH, via text 

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

I am also a Licensed Practitioner for the Hypno-Band Weight Loss System. The Hypno-Band is the world leader in gastric band hypnotherapy and is the original Virtual Gastric Band method in the UK. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy it will help you change your eating habits forever! If you are really committed to losing weight then the Hypno-Band will help you to achieve your goals. It is specifically designed for those with a BMI of over 25 and the Hypno-Band is a safe, risk-free and cheap alternative to Gastric Band Surgery.

Hypno-Band Weight Loss System
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